Neuropathy and Balance Issues

Neuropathy reared its ugly head this past weekend when I sprayed one of my trees that has been infected with “moss balls”.  These moss balls are a fungus that can be killed with a special herbicide that does not affect the tree, grass, or other plants.  I have a manual pump sprayer that I use to spray the solution onto each limb of the tree plus the trunk.  This means that I spent a lot of time looking up.  Every time that I tried to spray the top limbs, I had to deal with the unbalanced condition caused by neuropathy.  My answer was to take a stance like an NFL lineman.  Legs spread with feet offset keeping one foot slightly behind the 90 degree line of the other foot. I thought that if that stance would allow a 350 pound football player to keep his balance,then maybe it would work for me.  I didn’t fall over once and the tree has been treated.  Be careful when you work in the yard.  You can manage your neuropathy.

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