Staying Active

When you are sick, it is hard to exercise, but it is important that you maintain some level of physical exercise.  If you can’t jog or walk, then do your strength program.  If you are confined to the recliner, then do stomach crunches. If you are working in the kitchen, grab the edge of the sink and do standing push-ups.  Just keep you fitness level up as high as you can until you heal.  When you don’t feel good and don’t want to cook, consider signing up for my favorite prepared food program.  The diabetic program of my affiliate’s program is great!  (They do have other programs, too.)

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Diabetic autonomic neuropathy (DAN)

“Diabetic autonomic neuropathy (DAN) is a serious and common complication of diabetes.”(

The main treatment for the diabetes is to lose weight and keep control of the level of “blood sugar” or glucose.  You control the glucose by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you take in.  Severely limit the potato chips! If you need a formal diet plan, try these recipes.

Diabetic autonomic neuropathy can be far worse than peripheral neuropathy, but neither one is good.

Neuropathy and Balance Issues

Neuropathy reared its ugly head this past weekend when I sprayed one of my trees that has been infected with “moss balls”.  These moss balls are a fungus that can be killed with a special herbicide that does not affect the tree, grass, or other plants.  I have a manual pump sprayer that I use to spray the solution onto each limb of the tree plus the trunk.  This means that I spent a lot of time looking up.  Every time that I tried to spray the top limbs, I had to deal with the unbalanced condition caused by neuropathy.  My answer was to take a stance like an NFL lineman.  Legs spread with feet offset keeping one foot slightly behind the 90 degree line of the other foot. I thought that if that stance would allow a 350 pound football player to keep his balance,then maybe it would work for me.  I didn’t fall over once and the tree has been treated.  Be careful when you work in the yard.  You can manage your neuropathy.

Why is diet so important?

Well, your cells need a certain amount of converted sugar to be able to do their job.  When you get the right amount, your body is in harmony. You have a stable weight and you feel good.  When your pancreas does not produce the amount of insulin that is needed to convert the raw food into a cell friendly product, you end up with excess sugar in the blood and a big part of it becomes fat.  One way to cut down on the excess is to control the type of soft drink that you consume.  I have a SodaStream unit and recommend it to replace the regular canned products from the store.  SodaStream is an affiliate company and their link can be found in the Reference Page (see the Menu section above).

Night Sweats

We went dancing at our favorite country western dance site last night. One of our friends brought milk chocolate covered peanut butter balls and white chocolate covered rice crispy balls. They were delicious and I had two of each kind. I usually sleep on my left side. This morning when I awoke, I realized that the entire left side of my sleeping garment was soaked with sweat…from my shoulder to mid-thigh. I have never had sweats like this before…So, no more chocolate balls!!! Did you know that cinnamon lowers your blood sugar?

Super Bowl Bing?

As the Super Bowl approaches, we are planning our annual super bowl party. This year there will be more fruit bowls and veggie trays than potato chips. If you take a water melon or other large melon, cut it in half longways and scoop the “meat” with an ice cream scoop or melon baller, you will have a really nice serving bowl for the fruit items. You can add orange slices, grapes, cherries, or any smaller fruit item. This would provide an excellent center piece and reduce the number of “bad” carbs that you consume on Sunday. My latest readings are 6.7 for the A1C and 124 on my daily blood test.